295 Dollar Baby

FS05 Game 10 Recap

Wou-Tang has a posse. With my departure from Globe, Jeopardy’s upcoming one, and the Big Boss Man dropping from the ranks of the regulars, the GIK Clan has found themselves short on members.  However, Wou-Tang has set out to build a crew bigger and better than the previous generation. Recruiting players from all across the Globe, Wou-Tang introduced the Tour to his new clan members, Rob V, Tae, Izzy, and Caroline at Richville. With a new group backing him in the venue where he earned his nickname, the Wou-Tang set out to silently assissinate the rest of the field.

It was Izzy, a new GIK member, who sparked what has to be one of the craziest hands on the Tour since last season’s infamous AA vs. AA vs. QQ hand where King Richard sucked out a Queen on the flop to crack both Eastwood’s and Prefontaine’s Aces. This week it was Izzy going All-In with AJ only to be called by Carlo who held JJ who was then called by Max who held QQ and finally as Alison was last to act she proclaimed “I hope I have Aces under here.” And indeed she did and made the easy call. 4 players to the flop, 3 of them All-In, and Max (a distant second to Alison’s rockets) had everyone covered. Yet, once again the Queen reigned supreme when the Queen hit the flop. Max effectively ended Alison’s run on Final Tables while simultaneously clearing out half of his table.

Another player who finds comfort at a Richville Final Table is the Cooler. Controlling the action, the Cooler was clearly the table captain and chip leader. That was until Eastwood made a stand and delivered the one-two punch that would put the Cooler on life support. Raising to $1,600 under the gun, Eastwood came back over the top of the Cooler by committing the remaing $1,000 of his tournament life. The Cooler thought for a moment but finally decided that Eastwood didn’t have enough to push him out of this hand and made the call with KQ. To the amazement of the rail, Eastwood showed his T9. Eastwood was able to draw out a 9 to stay alive.

Now crippled and on the IV drip, the Cooler was suffering on the short stack where he finally had to push with KT. He was called by Eastwood who used his JJ to pull the plug and put Keith out of his misery.

The Cooler’s 4th place finish was quickly followed by Cheyenne’s 3rd leaving Eastwood to do battle with the Silent Assassin. Avoiding the deadly strikes of the Wou-Tang for most of the Heads-Up match, Eastwood was finally able to silent the assassin’s QQ with A5.

Even with a new Clan at his back, Wou-Tang was unable to avoid the knockout blow delivered by the Spring Season Champion and now two time winner, Chris Eastwood.