4th Street Consistency

Last night a situation arose that ultimately led to the Tour’s “consistency”, along with my personal integrity to be called into question in front of everyone. I would like to highlight this situation to help you all know where I am coming from.

Below is the what happened:

Player A and player B go into a flop heads up. After the flop, Player B moves all-in out of turn and player A calls. Before the cards are turned over both players realize that the action occurred out of turn. I was then asked for a ruling to which I made the declared action stand.

It was this ruling that was called into question once player B lost the pot. Since there was a question as to how this was handled I decided to find out for sure if indeed I had made the correct call, so I emailed none other that Mr. TD himself with the situation. Here is his reply:

Yes, the action still stands as it is accepted action.

Matt Savage

Now, having the 4th Street’s “consistency” called out in front of the entire Tour does not sit well with me – ever. As you are all very well aware I take a great pride in providing a tournament where you can show up, get as drunk as you damn well feel like it, never pay attention to any of the action, never have to worry if the antes are all paid, never have to worry about who gets moved into what table, etc etc. Basically, I try to make it easier on everyone to play, so that the only things you need to worry about are showing up on time and deciding whether to bet, raise, call, or fold.

I’ve done everything I can to acheive this goal, I’ve spent more time researching rules that will come into play once every two years and I’ve made sure that I have every detail just right so we can have a good time without arguing over who is right and who is wrong.

I take all questions and concerns very seriously. Most of you know that if you’ve ever had a problem with a ruling, or the blind structure, or the type of cards we use, or the point system, or anything else, that I am more than open to hearing you out and making appropriate changes. However, it becomes very personal to me when my intergrity is called out in front of everyone. I have no vendettas against any of you, I’ve never made or not made a ruling because of who was involved in a hand. I’ve even ruled against my own favor several times. The point is, I put a lot hard work into making sure the Tour runs at a very high standard. I have no problem with someone questioning an actual ruling and wanting to make sure I got it right, it happens all of the time. But for anyone to infer that I made a ruling against them for personal reasons and that was not consistent with other rulings is just plain wrong.

In my mind the 4th Street Poker Tour and consistency are synonymous.