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Oliver Twists His Way to First Major Title

Fall Brawl II Recap

Falls were made for Brawls. Seasons were made for Majors. And the Slosser brothers were made for playing short stacks.

The 4SPT Majors are where players come out to shine and this year’s Fall Brawl II was no different. We had Alison “The Sandwoman”, Kevin “Seattle Slew”, Chris “Eastwood”, and King Richard all looking to become the first player to win a season title and major championship. There was Dino “The KCBP”, and Charles “The Canadian Mint” looking to become the first ever two time major winners. Von Sandman and Richie Rich both sit atop the Tour all-time win list, but neither have secured a major title. So many storylines that all failed to follow through, as this year’s Fall Brawl II had a final featuring two players battling for their first ever 4SPT win.

Feigning disinterest for much of the match by reading a book at the table, Oliver quickly found himself sitting on a severe short stack. Down to the felt with only $125 left–just enough to cover the big blind and ante–Oliver found himself in a spot remiscent to that of his brother’s first win. As fate would have it, Oliver would begin his short stack comeback by doubling through his brother Max.

As we all all remember, it was Max’s first win that truly defined the chip and a chair notion. Back then, Max found himself All-In with just enough to cover the big blind and ante. So it was like a passing of the torch as the author of the poker corner article‘Short Stacking and Other Things’ helped to jump start a run that would not stop until the finals. Soon after his double up, the Rabbit Eater was moved to Table 2 where he quickly hopped up to the chip lead, acculumating chips and head hunter bounties at a rapid rate.

Oliver was able to carry this momentum through to the Final Table where he collected even more bounties and amassed a stack of more and more chips. With the Fall Brawl II Championship Belt and first Tour win in sight, the Rabbit Eater faced the Storm Heads-Up. For a moment, it looked like the Storm would be able to stop the force that was pushing Oliver to the finish but on this night there was just no denying the Rabbit Eater. And when Oliver filled up with 6s full of Queens, the win and Championship became official.

Playing with a heavy heart, Oliver was able to shine through the dark clouds of a Storm to brighten up the Tour with his first Major Title.

New Tricks, Same Old Dog

WS05 Game 1 Recap

To celebrate the arrival of the second Winter Season 4SPT schedule, we decided to shake things up a little bit. In the past year and a half that we’ve been hosting games, the level of play seems to get increasingly tougher as each week passes. Therefore, I felt it would benefit everyone to add a few more chips to the mix and get us all playing within a schedule closer resembling that of what is being played at casino tournaments. I conferred with the 4th Street Poker Tour Rules Committee and devised a new schedule that I feel keeps the balance of the home game feel (keeping it within the 4-5 hour range) while adding a new dimension of play (deeper stacks and more chips in play).

With all the new chips in play, the action was fast and furious. This came as a surprise to the Rules Committee. We actually thought increased starting chips would slow the game down a little at the start. However, the aggressive players proved that theory wrong by coming out of the gates firing away.

Two players who took the most advantage were Cheyenne “The Fist” and the Laurent “Mad Dog.” Early on the Fist was knocking people around and taking pots, building an ever increasing chip lead. But the Mad Dog was able to keep pace with him all night long, chasing him down to the end like a Mad Dog to wheels. Dominating all night long, Cheyenne looked to be well on his way to his first Tour win. At any given time it looked as if his stack had to be double that of anyone else in the field and there seemed to be no answer for his constant raising.

Beware the Dog.

Having two big chip leaders left us with a Final Table that had players hanging on to a thread for their tournament life. That thread would quickly snap as the Mad Dog tore through players at an astounding pace. Never meeting a starting hand he couldn’t call an All-In with, the Dog began to pick off the Final Table two players at a time. On two seperate occassions he was involved in a three-way All-In confrontation where he came out on top, thus eliminating four people in two hands.

Even the Fist looked a little stunned. Though we was able to steer clear of harms way, he recognized that the tables were turning. Where once it was Cheyenne using pure aggression to bully the rest of the field, it was now the Mad Dog who was putting the Fist to the test on every single turn of the cards. Soon the same feeling of helplessness that the Fist gave the Tour began to sink in and Cheyenne found himself calling off the rest of his now short stack with Jack high to give the Mad Dog his second Tour win.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I guess it doesn’t matter. Because the same old Mad Dog used the same old tricks for the same old results – a win.

Brent – Player Profile

Name: Brent Klein
Nickname (how’d you get it): The Storm via Corey Hart. Corey Hart is the original nickname coined by Slim because I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can see. Of course this changed that horrific night that the Bookie got his first win by catching one of the worst rivers I’ve ever seen. I had a bit of a meltdown and stormed out, hence The Storm. Not as bad as when I stormed out and coined The Fist but I was pretty pissed off for sure.
Age: 28
Location: Santa Monica

Favorite hand to play:
It’s hard to not like the big pairs but my favorite hands to play are JT suited, snowmen (88) and pocket 5s.

Favorite pro player:
For the most part I just like players that make me laugh when I watch poker. Therefore Marcel Luske and Hellmuth are probably my favorite players to watch. Marcel is a singing dutch crackpot and Hellmuth is the most arrogant and conceded ass that it provides hours of entertainment.

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
I heard about the tour from Max “The Factor” who was my neighbor at the time. He heard about it through Carmel “The Poker Princess”

When did you join the 4SPT:

Winter Season 1 Week 3

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I no longer have to lament certain decisions or circumstances that led me to many a second or third place finish. Also the knowledge that it is indeed possible for me to win on this tour. I definitely doubted sometimes, but no longer.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
This is definitely the toughest question. So many disappointments and suckouts. The now infamous “Fist” hand is in the forefront of my mind, I really just remember this hand as a blur of f-bombs through a tirade in which I really lost my mind temporarily. Followed by cursing the fall season.

The best hand of the night for me that probably turned the night around was taking Dino down with QQ vs AK. Taking the Dump Truck down before his self-induced exile back to KC was definitely a treat.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
The King and the Degenerates in general. The King because I have been involved in a lot of pots with him and I don’t think I’ve ever come out  ahead in a showdown. Doesn’t matter if I start ahead or behind the King gets the best of me. The Degenerates because I have spent so many hours playing with Collins, Al and the rest of the boys so many times that I feel they have a better read on me than anyone else on tour. Also Slim, but that’s just because when we sit next to each other that side of the table runs so cold that we just end up watching poker.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
Playing with family and friends. Like a lot of folks I got into it when it became popular on TV.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

Obviously what Slim and the First Lady do is very special to a lot of us.
They provide us the opportunity to compete on a weekly basis with really
good poker players. But more than that they provide us with a weekly
excuse to drink and smoke it up in a cool fun environment revolving around
a poker game. I’ve met so many people through poker that are now my
friends that I’m forever in the first couples debt. So thank you all for
the bad beats, crippling rivers that inspire f-bomb laced tirades and just
good times in general. See you all next week.

Jamie – Player Profile

Name: James Michael Hogan
Nickname (how’d you get it): Variations have become ubiquitous, though it started as “Drop it Like It’s Hot” due to a really sweet t shirt i wore the first time i went heads up.  Since then, “Dr.” has been added due to my career as a graduate student/nerd.  Other things have popped up due to stupid things i say (anyone heard me mention “EV?”)
Age: 26, Scorpio
Location: Santa Monica

Favorite hand to play:
recently (and last night), very small pairs have been nice to me.  Flopping quads with pocket 2’s is nice.  Calling small raises or limping with these hands pre-flop generally make it harder for people to put you on a set and they’re obviously easy to release when the flop comes AKQ…i’ve come to play speculative hands more since if you hit, you’re gonna grab some chips and you need build up a stack with quickly rising blinds

Favorite pro player:
Daniel Negreanu…his overwhelming wealth due to this silly little game has afforded him the luxury to not take it quite so seriously and handle some tough nights, as demonstrated on High Stakes Poker.  he’s open about every win/loss he has and takes it all in stride.  a degenerate gambler at heart, he can (and has) lost 150k on the golf course and he’s terrible at golf but loves the action.  that plus i was able to meet him at Bellagio when i was piss wasted and he was kind enough to oblige with a handshake

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
Through Mr. Seattle Slew, who is friends with some college friends i have

When did you join the 4SPT:

Valentine’s Day Massacre 2005

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
The monkey off my back and the ability to drastically overestimate my skill level due to my currently working at levels of luck higher than most people (not named Jun)

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
There have been a few along the way, but there were a couple last night that stand out.  Foremost is getting it all in with Wou-Tang on a king high flop (two hearts) when i had KJ.  He had KT of hearts giving me a 49%-46% edge to win the hand and it actually held up.  That one gave me a monster  chip lead over Cooler and even with doubling him up once, I was able to play aggressively heads up and push with slightly less favorable hands since he needed a real hand to call any raise.  and i’m probably folding AcKc because i’m probably going to lose to 4d5d

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
I think last night was the first time Jun was on my immediate left and there is no raise he’ll fold to if he’s getting about half the odds necessary to make a correct call.  And then he will inevitably suck out. Every time. Donkey.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I knew very little about anything but draw poker before watching Rounders in high school/college. That taught enough to maintain an interest and then I was just a nerd for a while, reading dumb online forums and books, and of course watching whatever poker tv show might be on at any given time.  Nobody else in my family plays so I was on my own.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

First yes, yes, I’d like to thank the First Couple for everything they do for the Tour.  Hard to believe that between the two of them, in the history of the Tour, they’ve missed two games combined, making sure that we all have something to do for a few hours on thursday nights.  Also, thanks to all those who put up with constant nonsensical banter for a couple hours every week.  You’re kind enough to pretend I’m not absurdly annoying.  About winning, what can I say, it’s nice when the poker gods look down on you for a little while.  The past week or so of poker has been more profitable, online and live, than I could possibly hope for in a 9-day period and while I don’t plan on leaving a day job any time soon, it’s nice to have some sort of poker-related financial cushion the next time I make donktacular plays and lose hundreds.  The sigma levels are high, and I’m just riding the wave.  Until next week…….

Marco – Player Profile

Name: Marco Olguin
Nickname (how’d you get it): I don’t have a poker nickname but my friends do call me mush!
Age: 27
Location: El Segundo

Favorite hand to play:
Suited K7

Favorite pro player:
Like many of my cohorts who probably share the same ideology, Jennifer Tilly….for TWO reasons!!!!!

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
I learned through my boy Izzy who used to be Jeff’s coworker.

When did you join the 4SPT:

I don’t recall but sometime last season

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I can actually fill up my tank of gas and have enough left over for a Jumbo Jack with cheese. Plus people might get the impression that I know how to play.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
I don’t recall my opponents name but I had J10 and the flop came JJ7 turn is a J giving me quads and the river a Q. He had QK making a full house. I had checked down so he didn’t put me on such a strong hand. He went all in and of course I called.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
Most everyone scares me at the table but if I had to chose one it would be Jeff, I think he could smell my fear.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I have yet to learn, the little knowledge I hold comes from home games with friends.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

although I’m not the first or last to share these sentiments I would like to thank Jeff and Jennifer for their hard work and all the players for making this a fun and enjoyable event.

In closing notes “To have one’s cake and eat it too”…..can someone explain this to me, why else would you want cake?

Jason – Player Profile

Name: Jason Palmer
Nickname (how’d you get it): Plasma Pete.  Why? I own a consumer electronics/custom installation showroom and it was 2:15 in the morning.  I was happy to earn a nickname on the first night, but I am hoping it will change.  I always wanted one of those cool nicknames that strikes fear in the players at the table.  Like one guy knows you and says “How’s it going Zeus?”  and the rest of the table is like “Damn..they call this guy Zeus.”  Figure its good for one pass round the table before they figure out I’m full of crap.
Age: 32
Location: I hail from the infamous TVAuthority showroom in Santa Monica, CA. A major incubator for some of the best players in the world….a little known fact: Doyle Brunson got his start here – wrote much of SuperSystem here in Theater Room 2 while watching Police Academy 4 on the big screen.  He doesn’t talk about it much anymore now that the WPT has gotten so big.

Favorite hand to play:
I don’t know to be honest.  My least favorite is AA. It never holds up for me.

Favorite pro player:
Doyle Brunson – I love how the media treats him like he’s 176 years old and talk about the old days when he played like it was a scene out of the Quick and the Dead.

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
Alec and Carlo told me about it.

When did you join the 4SPT:

The July 20th event was my first

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I guess I would have to say the hordes of woman that follow me around since my victory.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
I would have to say the KK in the final hand.  Before that, I was feeling the win slipping away.  The Ark was playing well heads-up and I had losing my chip lead.  When he called all in, it was pretty exciting to call.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
I don’t know yet.  It looked like there were a lot of great players. Marco was tough…nearly had wins in consecutive weeks.  Pretty impressive.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I started playing poker at UCLA when I was in law school.  My group of friends would play whenever we could, then we started going to Hollywood Park and of course, to Vegas.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

I am thrilled to host again at TVAuthority. It was a good time.  The doors are open for the tour.

John G – Player Profile

Name: John Gordon
Nickname (how’d you get it): The jury is still out on what my nickname will be, but I think they are leaning towards “Best in Show” for obvious reasons. (I kid)
Age: 25
Location: Born in Atlanta, Ga., but now a resident of Sherman Oaks

Favorite hand to play:
I have never lost a pot with pocket eights suited, it’s almost unreal.

Favorite pro player:
Dutch Boyd, he knows every angle of the game and I respect that.

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
I rode in on the coat tails of Pink Bully.

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
The website say’s I won $255.00 that week, but in truth it was $256.00. That last little   dollar was twice as sweet as all the rest combined.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
I made a foolish all in call with pocket threes against someone (sorry still learning the names) with pocket nines. If I loose this hand my night is over, and I go home with my tail between my legs. The flop is three blanks, the turn is another blank, but there waiting for me on the river is my set and a second chance. I wish I could say my best hand was a remarkable lay down or a great call, but in actuality it can be attributed to dumb   luck.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
This would have to be Noah Hebert because he smells like the back seat of a taxi cab   and sings Lyle Lovett songs at the table.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
My Godfather Hollis Lamon taught me how to play the game. We didn’t have playing cards so we made our own with construction paper, rubber cement, and a sharpee. We didn’t have chips either so we used match sticks and pocket lint. When my mom found out about this I was not allowed back to the Lamon’s, but Uncle Hollis said what Mama don’t know won’t hurt her and the lessons continued.

WS III Game 7 Info

The 7 month Fiefless streak is coming to an end as Chad and Suze are dusting off the dining room table and clearing space in the kitchen for this week’s stop on the 4SPT.


  1. II-Pod
  2. High Noon
  3. First Lady
  4. Slim
  5. King Richard
  6. Cooler
  7. Pibb
  8. Wou-tang
  9. Shock G
  10. Will Call
  11. Scrubs
  12. ALternate
  13. C-Mint
  14. Bookie
  15. Will Shake
  16. Alek?
  17. Sir Pick
  18. Drud
  19. Factor
  20. Rabbit Eater
  21. Storm
  22. Machine
  23. The Most
  24. Clayton
  25. Brandon

Complex Strikes Back!

WS III Game 7 Results

You might not believe it but I’m this week’s winner, I  guess the poker gods called in sick for the night.

I took Shock G’s comment as an assult and defended all that is right on the Tour. Complexer Mister Pibb stood with me as we showed the Westside this is how we do.

To celebrate my 6th 4SPT victory, I am inviting all 4th Streeters to meet me at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle tonight where I’ll be treating to what else… chicken and waffles. If you’re interested let me know so we can reserve enough seats.

Final Table
1. Complex Slim – $260
2. Mister Pibb – $120
3. ALternate – $80
4. II-Pod -$40
5. Shock G
6. Factor
7. Drud
8. Will Shake

The Rest
9. Storm
10. Will Call
11. C-Mint
12. Clayton
13. Sir Pick
14. Cooler
15. High Noon
16. Machine
17. Rick
18. Wou-tang
19. Scrubs
20. Brandon
21. The Most
22. Alek?
23. Bookie
24. First Lady
25. King Richard