Brent – Player Profile

Name: Brent Klein
Nickname (how’d you get it): The Storm via Corey Hart. Corey Hart is the original nickname coined by Slim because I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can see. Of course this changed that horrific night that the Bookie got his first win by catching one of the worst rivers I’ve ever seen. I had a bit of a meltdown and stormed out, hence The Storm. Not as bad as when I stormed out and coined The Fist but I was pretty pissed off for sure.
Age: 28
Location: Santa Monica

Favorite hand to play:
It’s hard to not like the big pairs but my favorite hands to play are JT suited, snowmen (88) and pocket 5s.

Favorite pro player:
For the most part I just like players that make me laugh when I watch poker. Therefore Marcel Luske and Hellmuth are probably my favorite players to watch. Marcel is a singing dutch crackpot and Hellmuth is the most arrogant and conceded ass that it provides hours of entertainment.

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
I heard about the tour from Max “The Factor” who was my neighbor at the time. He heard about it through Carmel “The Poker Princess”

When did you join the 4SPT:

Winter Season 1 Week 3

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I no longer have to lament certain decisions or circumstances that led me to many a second or third place finish. Also the knowledge that it is indeed possible for me to win on this tour. I definitely doubted sometimes, but no longer.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
This is definitely the toughest question. So many disappointments and suckouts. The now infamous “Fist” hand is in the forefront of my mind, I really just remember this hand as a blur of f-bombs through a tirade in which I really lost my mind temporarily. Followed by cursing the fall season.

The best hand of the night for me that probably turned the night around was taking Dino down with QQ vs AK. Taking the Dump Truck down before his self-induced exile back to KC was definitely a treat.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
The King and the Degenerates in general. The King because I have been involved in a lot of pots with him and I don’t think I’ve ever come out  ahead in a showdown. Doesn’t matter if I start ahead or behind the King gets the best of me. The Degenerates because I have spent so many hours playing with Collins, Al and the rest of the boys so many times that I feel they have a better read on me than anyone else on tour. Also Slim, but that’s just because when we sit next to each other that side of the table runs so cold that we just end up watching poker.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
Playing with family and friends. Like a lot of folks I got into it when it became popular on TV.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

Obviously what Slim and the First Lady do is very special to a lot of us.
They provide us the opportunity to compete on a weekly basis with really
good poker players. But more than that they provide us with a weekly
excuse to drink and smoke it up in a cool fun environment revolving around
a poker game. I’ve met so many people through poker that are now my
friends that I’m forever in the first couples debt. So thank you all for
the bad beats, crippling rivers that inspire f-bomb laced tirades and just
good times in general. See you all next week.