FS III Game 12 Info

The Castle – Thursday 11/30 7.30pm

The 3rd Fall Season on the 4SPT has come down to 3 players. The Pick is currently out in front although not by much as he’s closely followed by Richie Rich. Shock G has an outside shot at the Season title but he’ll need some fortunate melt downs and strong finish to take it down. To determine who will be crowned the Fall Season winner we will be battling at King Richard’s Castle this Thursday.


  1. King Richard
  2. First Lady
  3. Slim Chance
  4. Wou-tang
  5. Dr Drop It
  6. Dog’s Playing Poker
  7. Drud Report
  8. Will Shake
  9. Pick
  10. Bookie
  11. Storm
  12. Will Call
  13. ALternate
  14. Lo-Lo
  15. Jun
  16. Alek?
  17. Jeff Not Jeff
  18. Richie Rich
  19. High Noon
  20. II-Pod
  21. Cooler
  22. Ivan


  1. Jim