He Will Call

FS05 Game 12 Recap

Last week Will Call was as close as he’d ever been to his first Tour win when he caught lightning in a bottle to hit draw after draw. However, the cork came undone down the stretch and he lost all his thunder as the Complex Crew busted him in 3rd place. Looking for another shot at victory, Will came into Oak Street determined as ever.

Another player looking determined for a 4th Street first was the First Lady. Heading into the final game of the season, Jennifer held a one point advantage over Alison the Sandwoman for the Fall Season Title. The First Lady needed just to finish ahead of Alison in order to secure her first season title, but when she busted in 31st it opened the door to victory for the Sandwoman.

Now all Alison had to do to earn the title was make the final table. This proved to be a harrowing task that she nearly couldn’t pull off. Down to two tables, Alison found herself in a three way All-In with her tournament life on the line up a against a dominating hand by the Sandman. But the Sandwoman was able to escape the clutches of the rail when she hit runner-runner hearts to four flush her way back into the game. After this triple up, it was cruise control until the Final Table. She now only had to worry about finishing better than 8th but that worry didn’t last long as two players busted on the Final Table bubble to make a starting table of 7 and thus securing Alison’s Fall Season championship title.

Sandman’s Dirtbag Crew represented themselves well at Oak Street. As the Sandwoman finished in 7th with her season title in hand, Lo-Lo followed with a 5th place finish, and the Sandman began to pick up the pace and make a push for his 6th Tour win. The push became a shove as that was his only move heading into the Showdown where he was up against Will Call who was sitting on the big stack.  Significantly out chipped, the Sandman was forced to move on his first two opening hands. Slowly pulling himself back into the match, the Sandman shoved ’em All-In yet again with AQ. And as we all know, Will will indeed call (and rightfully so considering the stack sizes), this time with A8. In a dominating position, Vaughn was looking to make a huge push to try and gain some control. But the one thing he couldn’t control were the cards. Will Call hit not one, but two eights to send the Sandman home.

Week 11 saw Will Call use up all of his come-from-behind-steam early and he found himself fading down the stretch. But this week he was able to hold onto it a little longer. In true Will Call fashion, he earned his first Tour win by outdrawing the Sandman.