Jamie – Player Profile

Name: James Michael Hogan
Nickname (how’d you get it): Variations have become ubiquitous, though it started as “Drop it Like It’s Hot” due to a really sweet t shirt i wore the first time i went heads up.  Since then, “Dr.” has been added due to my career as a graduate student/nerd.  Other things have popped up due to stupid things i say (anyone heard me mention “EV?”)
Age: 26, Scorpio
Location: Santa Monica

Favorite hand to play:
recently (and last night), very small pairs have been nice to me.  Flopping quads with pocket 2’s is nice.  Calling small raises or limping with these hands pre-flop generally make it harder for people to put you on a set and they’re obviously easy to release when the flop comes AKQ…i’ve come to play speculative hands more since if you hit, you’re gonna grab some chips and you need build up a stack with quickly rising blinds

Favorite pro player:
Daniel Negreanu…his overwhelming wealth due to this silly little game has afforded him the luxury to not take it quite so seriously and handle some tough nights, as demonstrated on High Stakes Poker.  he’s open about every win/loss he has and takes it all in stride.  a degenerate gambler at heart, he can (and has) lost 150k on the golf course and he’s terrible at golf but loves the action.  that plus i was able to meet him at Bellagio when i was piss wasted and he was kind enough to oblige with a handshake

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
Through Mr. Seattle Slew, who is friends with some college friends i have

When did you join the 4SPT:

Valentine’s Day Massacre 2005

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
The monkey off my back and the ability to drastically overestimate my skill level due to my currently working at levels of luck higher than most people (not named Jun)

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
There have been a few along the way, but there were a couple last night that stand out.  Foremost is getting it all in with Wou-Tang on a king high flop (two hearts) when i had KJ.  He had KT of hearts giving me a 49%-46% edge to win the hand and it actually held up.  That one gave me a monster  chip lead over Cooler and even with doubling him up once, I was able to play aggressively heads up and push with slightly less favorable hands since he needed a real hand to call any raise.  and i’m probably folding AcKc because i’m probably going to lose to 4d5d

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
I think last night was the first time Jun was on my immediate left and there is no raise he’ll fold to if he’s getting about half the odds necessary to make a correct call.  And then he will inevitably suck out. Every time. Donkey.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I knew very little about anything but draw poker before watching Rounders in high school/college. That taught enough to maintain an interest and then I was just a nerd for a while, reading dumb online forums and books, and of course watching whatever poker tv show might be on at any given time.  Nobody else in my family plays so I was on my own.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

First yes, yes, I’d like to thank the First Couple for everything they do for the Tour.  Hard to believe that between the two of them, in the history of the Tour, they’ve missed two games combined, making sure that we all have something to do for a few hours on thursday nights.  Also, thanks to all those who put up with constant nonsensical banter for a couple hours every week.  You’re kind enough to pretend I’m not absurdly annoying.  About winning, what can I say, it’s nice when the poker gods look down on you for a little while.  The past week or so of poker has been more profitable, online and live, than I could possibly hope for in a 9-day period and while I don’t plan on leaving a day job any time soon, it’s nice to have some sort of poker-related financial cushion the next time I make donktacular plays and lose hundreds.  The sigma levels are high, and I’m just riding the wave.  Until next week…….