Jason – Player Profile

Name: Jason Palmer
Nickname (how’d you get it): Plasma Pete.  Why? I own a consumer electronics/custom installation showroom and it was 2:15 in the morning.  I was happy to earn a nickname on the first night, but I am hoping it will change.  I always wanted one of those cool nicknames that strikes fear in the players at the table.  Like one guy knows you and says “How’s it going Zeus?”  and the rest of the table is like “Damn..they call this guy Zeus.”  Figure its good for one pass round the table before they figure out I’m full of crap.
Age: 32
Location: I hail from the infamous TVAuthority showroom in Santa Monica, CA. A major incubator for some of the best players in the world….a little known fact: Doyle Brunson got his start here – wrote much of SuperSystem here in Theater Room 2 while watching Police Academy 4 on the big screen.  He doesn’t talk about it much anymore now that the WPT has gotten so big.

Favorite hand to play:
I don’t know to be honest.  My least favorite is AA. It never holds up for me.

Favorite pro player:
Doyle Brunson – I love how the media treats him like he’s 176 years old and talk about the old days when he played like it was a scene out of the Quick and the Dead.

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
Alec and Carlo told me about it.

When did you join the 4SPT:

The July 20th event was my first

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I guess I would have to say the hordes of woman that follow me around since my victory.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
I would have to say the KK in the final hand.  Before that, I was feeling the win slipping away.  The Ark was playing well heads-up and I had losing my chip lead.  When he called all in, it was pretty exciting to call.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
I don’t know yet.  It looked like there were a lot of great players. Marco was tough…nearly had wins in consecutive weeks.  Pretty impressive.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I started playing poker at UCLA when I was in law school.  My group of friends would play whenever we could, then we started going to Hollywood Park and of course, to Vegas.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

I am thrilled to host again at TVAuthority. It was a good time.  The doors are open for the tour.