Marco – Player Profile

Name: Marco Olguin
Nickname (how’d you get it): I don’t have a poker nickname but my friends do call me mush!
Age: 27
Location: El Segundo

Favorite hand to play:
Suited K7

Favorite pro player:
Like many of my cohorts who probably share the same ideology, Jennifer Tilly….for TWO reasons!!!!!

How did you learn about the 4SPT:
I learned through my boy Izzy who used to be Jeff’s coworker.

When did you join the 4SPT:

I don’t recall but sometime last season

Best thing about winning the 4SPT:
I can actually fill up my tank of gas and have enough left over for a Jumbo Jack with cheese. Plus people might get the impression that I know how to play.

Most exciting/best hand you’ve had on the 4SPT:
I don’t recall my opponents name but I had J10 and the flop came JJ7 turn is a J giving me quads and the river a Q. He had QK making a full house. I had checked down so he didn’t put me on such a strong hand. He went all in and of course I called.

4SPT player you don’t want sitting next to you (why):
Most everyone scares me at the table but if I had to chose one it would be Jeff, I think he could smell my fear.

Where/how did you learn to play poker:
I have yet to learn, the little knowledge I hold comes from home games with friends.

Any other interesting stories or whatever else you want people to know:

although I’m not the first or last to share these sentiments I would like to thank Jeff and Jennifer for their hard work and all the players for making this a fun and enjoyable event.

In closing notes “To have one’s cake and eat it too”…..can someone explain this to me, why else would you want cake?