My Poker Corner, God Willing

In the spirit of the holidays, I figured I would drop all of my friends at the 4SPT a gift. Needless to say, these little articles usually end up turning into long-winded diatribes in which the author gets so excited about poker, or writing about poker that I find myself increasingly disinterested toward the end. I mean, besides Cheyenne, we all know how to play this game, and most of us are tuned in to those subtleties of the game that make it so delicious. So, instead of blabbering on about this or that, and since you have all heard me blabber drunkenly at length already, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever…

Winning this tournament three times (asterisk-alcohol kept it from being 5 times), I’m pretty sure that I’m awesome. So here is a Christmas list, of sorts, that should help people figure out what I might be doing at any particualr time during a tournament. Some of you know all this already. Some of you don’t. Read it, or don’t. Remember it and apply it, or don’t. What the hell do I care? I’ll be drunk anyway, I just like seeing my words in print, and you’ll probably overthink it and get yourself knocked out of the tourney!

1. I overbet with KK and AA. WAY over, so you think im protecting a low pair and your AK is good.

2. Once we hit the antes, I’m stealing pots like John Collins at a cheap wine sale.

3. I looooooove unsuited low connectors. Most people throw these away if they’re not suited. Then they complain about flopping the nuts after they folded.

4. I get REALLY flustered when, and only when the guy to my left keeps raising my raises.

5. I NEVER raise preflop with KQ.

6. Often, I limp with JJ.

7. I throw away 22 and 33 and I don’t care if I flopped a set.

8. I think Krista Allen is REEEEALLY hot.

9. I used to not think twice about throwing away a low ace preflop, but then Brent told me to raise because ‘an ace is always 30%’. So I don’t really know where I stand there.

10. John Collins, despite his penchant for cheap wine, used to be the most fearsome poker player I knew. Then I met Al.

11. I loooooooooove AK, suited or un-. I have real trouble letting that one go, like anyone else.

12. I will throw away AQ in a heartbeat.

13. Number 13? Should i stop? Ummmm, Jeff is a tough guy to get to know. Lots of walls, very businesslike, but we all love him. Jenn is an ‘Iron fist with a Velvet glove’. (That phrase is copyrighted)

Hope that wasn’t too long. Keep it real. I is ready.