Oliver Twists His Way to First Major Title

Fall Brawl II Recap

Falls were made for Brawls. Seasons were made for Majors. And the Slosser brothers were made for playing short stacks.

The 4SPT Majors are where players come out to shine and this year’s Fall Brawl II was no different. We had Alison “The Sandwoman”, Kevin “Seattle Slew”, Chris “Eastwood”, and King Richard all looking to become the first player to win a season title and major championship. There was Dino “The KCBP”, and Charles “The Canadian Mint” looking to become the first ever two time major winners. Von Sandman and Richie Rich both sit atop the Tour all-time win list, but neither have secured a major title. So many storylines that all failed to follow through, as this year’s Fall Brawl II had a final featuring two players battling for their first ever 4SPT win.

Feigning disinterest for much of the match by reading a book at the table, Oliver quickly found himself sitting on a severe short stack. Down to the felt with only $125 left–just enough to cover the big blind and ante–Oliver found himself in a spot remiscent to that of his brother’s first win. As fate would have it, Oliver would begin his short stack comeback by doubling through his brother Max.

As we all all remember, it was Max’s first win that truly defined the chip and a chair notion. Back then, Max found himself All-In with just enough to cover the big blind and ante. So it was like a passing of the torch as the author of the poker corner article‘Short Stacking and Other Things’ helped to jump start a run that would not stop until the finals. Soon after his double up, the Rabbit Eater was moved to Table 2 where he quickly hopped up to the chip lead, acculumating chips and head hunter bounties at a rapid rate.

Oliver was able to carry this momentum through to the Final Table where he collected even more bounties and amassed a stack of more and more chips. With the Fall Brawl II Championship Belt and first Tour win in sight, the Rabbit Eater faced the Storm Heads-Up. For a moment, it looked like the Storm would be able to stop the force that was pushing Oliver to the finish but on this night there was just no denying the Rabbit Eater. And when Oliver filled up with 6s full of Queens, the win and Championship became official.

Playing with a heavy heart, Oliver was able to shine through the dark clouds of a Storm to brighten up the Tour with his first Major Title.