The Complex Flush Out Will Call

FS05 Game 11 Recap

Basic tournament strategy states if your opponents are going to draw on you, you need to make them pay. Well the Tour found out this week that there is no price Will Call won’t pay to hit his dear draws. On a night where he made High Noon look like Dan Harrington, Will Call hit an improbable yet amazing amount of his draws.

It started early on when I flopped the wheel only to have Will Call me all the way to the river with 8d6d where he hit the diamond to make his 8 high flush. Soon after he was moved to Table 3, where C-Mint was sitting on the big stack and controlling the action. He couldn’t control Will Call though who went All-In with Kh3h when he paired his King on the flop. Charles made the call holding KsKc for a set of Kings. With one heart on the flop Will would need to catch a miracle. The turn was the Ah and everyone just knew what was coming next…another heart and the miracle nut flush catch that Will Call was expecting.

From that point on Will Call seemed to call every bet that was to him if he was holding the ever precious “sooted” cards. Making another flush on the river–this time a 6 high flush–it began to become a huge part of his table image. The players were starting to become afraid to play with him anytime there was a flush possibilty on the board. Lo-Lo felt it was safe to go All-In on a rainbow flop but he was still called by Will who proclaimed “I need runner runner for the flush.” He didn’t catch his flush but he did river a straight to send another player to the rail.

The only player not afraid of the drawing power of Will Call was the First Lady. Making the play of the tournament, Jennifer was able to chop out the stack of the chip leader by simply making him pay for his draw. With a flop that contained two diamonds, Will Call led out with a $1,500 bet. The First Lady, who had witnessed the night’s craziness decided to push All-In with Ace-high knowing full well that not only was Will on the draw but that he would pay her off for the chance to hit it. And sure enough, he called with  no pair and a flush draw holding the Td6d. When the turn and river finally missed for Will he watched as the chip lead changed stacks to the First Lady.

With the C-Mint back to his old tricks of gathering chips and the First Lady making moves, Max and Will didn’t really stand a chance and both soon were eliminated by a Complex Crew that was hitting on all cylinders. The Final Showdown was a match up of two Complex Crew members deperately looking to get back into the winnner’s circle. The First Lady was hoping to prove to the Tour that she can take down her second win, while the Canadian Mint was looking to restore the legitimacy and fear that has been missing from his game since the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Heads-up was wild from the start. Charles held a 2-1 chip lead going in but that only lasted until the first hand when the First Lady went All-In with AQ and C-Mint called with K9. Jennifer’s AJ held up and she quickly took over the lead. But on the next hand holding AJ, the First Lady called C-Mint’s All-In. His pocket Kings held up and the chip lead changed hands again. Then on the very next hand, Jennifer pushed All-In with KT to be called yet again by the C-Mint who held K8. This time the dominated hand flopped an 8 and Charles was out in front until the turn brought the First Lady a 10 and the chip lead again.

It was an intense showdown that looked like it could go either way at any moment. And then the First Lady called the Mint’s All-In. The Mint held A6; the First Lady was dominating with AJ. Needing to dodge a 6 for the win, the First Lady’s heart sank as the first card off the deck was indeed the Mint’s 6. From there the First Lady was unable to rally back the lead. On the Final Hand of the tournament she moved All-In with JJ and C-Mint called and outdrew her with A3. Mint not only flopped an Ace but he rivered another Ace just to be sure.

With the Complex Crew holding down 3 of the top 5 in the Overall Standings, it’s good to see the Canadian has regained the game that has made him so Mint.